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About Us

Our Story...Our Tradition

Johnny grew up learning so much from his parents. They taught him ‘Real Italian’ values which act as his constitution and a compass or ‘guiding-force’ on behalf of our family-owned business.   As a result, we never cut corners, quality over quantity, and always kept our word.

Johnny is especially grateful to his father, Gianni.  This is because Gianni was so passionate about instilling core values and traditions that is treasured by his son and all those involved in his family business.  Gianni inherited these values and traditions while growing up in Rome and Naples, Italy.

Johnny has always been obsessed with pizza; from a young boy, until present day, our family-owned business has remained his true passion as well.  Johnny is constantly on the lookout for how to make things better. “I like to say that I am not only in the pizza business,  I am in the business of delivering happy and memorable experiences. My goal is to bring to you an authentic taste of New York and Italy in every bite.”

Our family of customers  know that we consistently deliver quality and value.  We give you our word,  that we will continue striving for excellence and will do our very best to never let you down! This remains our guarantee to you.

In 2014, with the retirement of Johnny’s father he decided to sell the Bradenton location and found Richard Darder who family just like John’s came to America from Naples, Italy.  Richard’s family settled in northern New Jersey where he developed a love for NY pizza.  His number one criteria while searching for a Pizzeria to purchase was that the pizza had to be an authentic tasting NY pizza. 

After searching for 11 years, Richard finally found Gianni’s NY Pizza and on his 61st birthday purchased Gianni’s NY Pizza in Bradenton.  To date, Richard and John have partnered to enhance both locations and enjoy sharing each other’s individual expertise.  Richard recognizes and appreciates that the most important expertise comes from John’s family Italian recipes and pizza dough making skills that makes Gianni’s the best pizza in Bradenton and St. Petersburg